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Here’s an amusing censored video


Evils of Religion: 18 December 2011

Use of violence in marriage as the norm is something you only find in religion these days. There’s the fucking quiverful movement, of course, but there are whole nations built up around Sharia, where beating your wife is considered necessary. I’m less familiar with this area, so I’m going to hand you over to Maryam Namazie now.

Beating your wife honours her

Popehat FTW

Ah, the Burzynski scandal…

In case you want some background

Burzynski Clinic: the domain of scoundrels and quacks

Harnessing the generosity of kind-hearted strangers to pay for woo

but basically, there’s this > 20 year old (!) “clinical trial” with no evidence behind it that’s still being run and swindling people with cancer out of lots of money. A mainstream newspaper published an article that made it sound like a bona-fide treatment complete with conflict of interest. Then someone called Marc Stephens starts threatening bloggers who complain about the lack of skepticism at the paper.

This is the latest:

Tell Me About The Rabbit, Marc Stephens

Marc, kindly take this post — the link to which I will email to you — as a formal, legally binding, 100% certified style invitation to snort my taint.

This has to be one of the funniest things, ever.