Change your pillow to improve your poop

Bed of Nails Pillow

I don’t know. It honestly looks pretty comfy. I think it might actually help the muscles in my neck and shoulders, which are usually tensed so tight that they feel like rocks.

But here, along with a pillow that may or may not be comfy, is an interesting example of things you, as a skeptical consumer, ought to be on the lookout for.

Bed of nails may; improve circulation; increase energy level; relieve chronic neck and back pain; reduce stress & anxitey; improve sleep & relieve insomnia; improve skin complexion; relieve constipation; cellulite treatment; revitalizing and rejuvenating

Wow. All that? Well, no, there is likely no basis at all for these claims. If you’re looking for a cure for constipation, a pillow is unlikely to be any help. Maybe try eating a bit of fiber instead.

So many products these days claim to cure everything from hangnails to acne to constipation* even when there’s no plausible mechanism behind the claims, let alone any actual evidence that they do so. Since, in many ways, the US still allows snake-oil manufacturers to claim whatever they want under the guise of providing complementary and alternative ‘medicine’, it behooves every consumer to be aware of the stupid claims so they can save their money for safe and effective treatments.

*I don’t understand why CAM proponents seem to be so focused on intestines and feces. Orac wrote about it here and he’s the expert.