Evils of Religion: 17 December 2011

Many things have been done to keep people considered unworthy by religion ignorant and powerless. Everything from killing people who translated the bible into the local common tongue to attacking girls who dare to enlist in school with acid.

Here’s another vile thing: Man cuts off most of his wife’s right hand because she wants to go to school. The victim, Hawa Akther Jui, is learning to write with her left hand.


Free online classes from Stanford

I’ve been taking the Machine Learning class from Stanford this semester. It’s pretty good. It’s not nearly as intense as taking a class in a classroom with exams and quizzes, etc. but it’s good. I spend about 4 hours a week on it, although after I remembered more linear algebra it’s gone quite a bit faster.

There are going to be a *lot* more offered in the spring, but I’ve not seen a concise list anywhere. So I’ve assembled one.

Lean Launchpad
Technology Entrepreneurship


Civil Engineering
Making Green Buildings

Electrical Engineering
Information Theory

Complex Systems
Model Thinking

Computer Science
Computer Science 101
Machine Learning
Software as a Service
Human Computer Interaction
Natural Language Processing
Game Theory
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Computer Security