Evils of Religion: 19 December 2011

And since I mentioned the quiverfull movement yesterday, I’ll discuss it today.

The idea that the sole purpose of a woman is to have children and serve her husband is vile. It’s still alive in fundamentalist religious circles, but the quiverfull movement is particularly bad. It teaches female children that they are worth less than their brothers. It gives the husband complete control over his wife and children, and allows him to enforce that with brutal violence, starvation, hard physical labor and emotional abuse, all backed up with quotes from the bible.

NOTE: I was hoping to link to several articles showing examples of these behaviors on the No Longer Quivering site, but it is having database troubles as I’m writing this, so I can’t find the articles I was looking for. I may come back and edit this if I remember to. If anyone who is reading this is interested in the specific examples, just leave a comment and I’ll try to dig them up if the database is working again.


2 thoughts on “Evils of Religion: 19 December 2011

  1. While I can only speak from a Christian perspective I must ask; do you really think that it is religion that causes such evil or humanity?
    If it is religion then what of those Atheists who have done awful things? Have you ever read up of Margaret Sanger and the Eugenics movement?
    You also state, in another post, that the “quiverful” movement is the norm in religion. Please, if this is true, cite your stats. I will tell you, to save you time, that it is not the norm, at least not among Christians. When you then take into account other religions such as buddhism, hinduism, etc, you will find that religion is not what causes people to do stupid things. You will of course find that in the case of most crime, that most are religious. You will also find that in the case of most good, that most of the people doing good things are religious. Why? Becuase most people are religious.
    If it is religion that cuases evil, explain Atheist evil. (ie eugenics and communism).

    • I think you may have misunderstood my purpose with this series, and this may be partly my fault for not explicitly stating it. I’m not trying to claim that religion causes evil or that atheists do not commit evil as well. However, religion often gives aid and comfort to people who do evil because it is so ingrained into our culture that people’s religious views should be beyond criticism. Also, religious people often claim that you have to believe in a god to be moral, and I’d like to point out examples of where people who believe in gods behave in immensely immoral ways so that perhaps we can leave gods out of discussions about morality in the future.

      I did not mean to imply that the quiverfull movement was representative of the majority of Christians, merely that it was a Christian movement (the members are, as far as I know, all Christians) . I can’t go back and reread my posts in depth while I’m at work, but I’ll put up a clarification if I find later that I really have implied at any point most Christians are quiverfull. 

      As for Buddhism and Hinduism, they are, at least traditionally,  proponents of vast inequalities. I don’t tend to hear much about specific crimes but perhaps I should try to dig some up. To be fair. 

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